New Open-Source Article for Resilience and COVID-19

Researchers at Florida State University have recently published another study detailing the effect of an online resilience platform and the impact it has on supporting students with health inequities during COVID-19. The article was published in the Journal of College Health and can be accessed for free at Taylor and Francis online. Check out theContinue reading “New Open-Source Article for Resilience and COVID-19”

Reinforcing Resilience With School Spirit

Schools spirit is a powerful tool for institutions to drive student engagement across campus, not to mention drive alumni donations. School spirit can energize a student body and drive them to engage with campus initiatives or support on-campus or community programs. In the drive to build a strong culture around school spirit, resilience and wellnessContinue reading “Reinforcing Resilience With School Spirit”

Resilience Through Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are essential to the mission of the college and integral to the implementation of resilience programming. Remember to include them in your campus resilience efforts to ensure a robust launch of your project. There are several ways to do this. First, create a guide for them that answers basic questions such as: Why is theContinue reading “Resilience Through Faculty and Staff”

A pioneer for catering to students’ mental health: FSU Resiliency Project toolkit to expand nationwide

Florida State University announced Thursday that it will make the homegrown Student Resiliency Project available across the country for other universities and programs to use, making the school a pioneer for catering to students’ mental health. Read more here!