Tackling Trauma Head On At FSU With ‘Resilience’

Florida State University researchers Karen Oehme and Jim Clark didn’t set out to be trailblazers. They wanted to help young people struggling with their mental health. The pair dug to the root of the issues, back to childhood and adolescence, and found a groundbreaking approach to trauma and resilience. Oehme, director of the Institute for Family ViolenceContinue reading “Tackling Trauma Head On At FSU With ‘Resilience’”

Resilience Project Wins National Recognition

Florida State University’s Resilience Project has won a national award from the American Association of University Administrators (AAUA). The project, developed by the university’s College of Social Work, was chosen for the John L. Blackburn Award for demonstrating a creative solution to common problems in higher education. Read more about it here.

FSU Launches Interactive Toolkit to Bolster Student Mental Health

Florida State University (FSU) launched a program this fall for all incoming freshman and transfer students to help them adjust to and thrive at college. The interactive, multimedia Student Resilience Project is an evidence-informed toolkit designed to strengthen student emotional and academic coping skills. Read the whole article here.

One university’s uniquely compassionate plan for teaching students resilience

Young adults are extremely stressed-out these days—and colleges across America are scrambling to support them. In 2013, a group of top-flight colleges including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania formed the Resilience Project to pool ideas and resources around building students’ coping skills, including Baylor’s workshop on cultivating grit and a Harvard group that encourages students to reflect on theirContinue reading “One university’s uniquely compassionate plan for teaching students resilience”