Resilience Through Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are essential to the mission of the college and integral to the implementation of resilience programming. Remember to include them in your campus resilience efforts to ensure a robust launch of your project. There are several ways to do this. First, create a guide for them that answers basic questions such as: Why is theContinue reading “Resilience Through Faculty and Staff”

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Donor Support for Student Mental Health

There are multiple ways to fund your campus Resiliency Project. The first is through philanthropic dollars. Many donors have a family member or acquaintance with a child who struggled to adjust to college. They understand that struggle is a universal experience. Being able to offer a devoted donor a way to help all of theContinue reading “Donor Support for Student Mental Health”

Embracing Diversity

It is essential that Resiliency Projects reflect the diversity of the student body and address issues of concern to all student populations. At the very least, this means that Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) see themselves represented in the resources, photographs, and concerns detailed on the website. It also means that multi-media material shouldContinue reading “Embracing Diversity”

Student Ambassadors and Student Resilience

Working on the FSU Student Resilience project has been one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I’ve had at FSU. I learned more about myself, other students, FSU, made connections and gained valuable skills. It is truly amazing to be part of such an excellent team that cares about our students’ well-being. One ofContinue reading “Student Ambassadors and Student Resilience”


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