New Open-Source Article for Resilience and COVID-19

Researchers at Florida State University have recently published another study detailing the effect of an online resilience platform and the impact it has on supporting students with health inequities during COVID-19. The article was published in the Journal of College Health and can be accessed for free at Taylor and Francis online. Check out theContinue reading “New Open-Source Article for Resilience and COVID-19”

Reinforcing Resilience With School Spirit

Schools spirit is a powerful tool for institutions to drive student engagement across campus, not to mention drive alumni donations. School spirit can energize a student body and drive them to engage with campus initiatives or support on-campus or community programs. In the drive to build a strong culture around school spirit, resilience and wellnessContinue reading “Reinforcing Resilience With School Spirit”

The Delta Variant and Resilience

With classes back in session and the long awaited return to “normal” administrators need to consider the flexibility of their plans with regards to the delta variant. With no standard operating practice for the return of students institutions need to handle their incoming students by themselves. This uncertainty not only impacts administrators but students asContinue reading “The Delta Variant and Resilience”

Resilience as a Campus Initiative

Resilience, grit, trauma-informed support are critical elements of a robust student wellness campaign, but are also guaranteed to fall short of the mark without proper institutional support. These training programs are not silver bullets and will give students a rough idea of the concepts but not how to engage in these behaviors on campus. InContinue reading “Resilience as a Campus Initiative”

Mental Health Silos and the Return to College

Students searching for mental health and wellness resources on their campuses have been met with information silos long before Covid-19 became part of the national discussion. Now, with students returning to campus in the fall, students are looking at mental health resources for support even more than before. One of the primary obstacles confronting studentsContinue reading “Mental Health Silos and the Return to College”

Resilience Through Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are essential to the mission of the college and integral to the implementation of resilience programming. Remember to include them in your campus resilience efforts to ensure a robust launch of your project. There are several ways to do this. First, create a guide for them that answers basic questions such as: Why is theContinue reading “Resilience Through Faculty and Staff”

Donor Support for Student Mental Health

There are multiple ways to fund your campus Resiliency Project. The first is through philanthropic dollars. Many donors have a family member or acquaintance with a child who struggled to adjust to college. They understand that struggle is a universal experience. Being able to offer a devoted donor a way to help all of theContinue reading “Donor Support for Student Mental Health”

Funding for Resilience

Acquiring mental health program funding has always been a challenge for institutions of higher education. This is compounded by the naturally higher stakes nature of students entering higher education (Not sure what you mean here. I also don’t think it follows the first point. Maybe add why it’s hard to get funding and continue withContinue reading “Funding for Resilience”

Imposter Syndrome

Regardless of how hard they’ve worked to succeed academically, many students still experience Imposter Syndrome at college.  They feel as though they don’t belong at the institution, or that they are somehow frauds and less worthy than their peers to be part of the university. When we talked to students at FSU, we found manyContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”