This customizable toolkit was developed at Florida State University (FSU). It was created after the successful launch of FSU’s Student Resilience Project, to respond to colleges and universities across the nation that asked for help to achieve similar successes.

A talented coalition of FSU faculty, staff, students, and alumni contributed to the development of the FSU Student Resilience Project, including the Colleges of Social Work, Communication and Information, Nursing, Medicine, Law, Education, and Business. The project was funded by the Office of the Provost and individual donors. It was awarded the “2019 John L. Blackburn Award” by the American Association of University Administrators for demonstrating creative solutions to problems in higher education. 

The FSU research and design teams continue to formally evaluate and improve the project. These research efforts have led to a series of peer-reviewed papers that are deepening empirical understanding about college students’ experiences of stress, as well as evaluating effective approaches to building student resilience.   

The FSU Student Resilience Project is making major contributions as a service and toolkit, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle for evidence-informed responses to challenges facing contemporary higher education.