Reinforcing Resilience With School Spirit

Schools spirit is a powerful tool for institutions to drive student engagement across campus, not to mention drive alumni donations. School spirit can energize a student body and drive them to engage with campus initiatives or support on-campus or community programs. In the drive to build a strong culture around school spirit, resilience and wellness can be often overlooked components.

Resilience and by extension a culture of student wellness can be a natural partner to an institutions school spirit. By hosting events on campus centered around resilient activities and student wellness programs, institutions can highlight the importance of self care, the availability of resources, or the support that the institution provides for these initiatives. These initiatives can be highlighted by having notable or faculty alumni host, paired with free food (a sure-fire winner), or be connected with other events like sports or campus activities.

Some examples of these activities can include:

  • Hosting a step challenge with a prize. This promotes activity and can be connected to a resilience or wellness campaign.
  • Special activities to help relieve stress during finals week. Try partnering with a local shelter to have some animals on campus near the library or other institutions where students are studying, they can play with the animals and blow off some steam.
  • Have members of the student body speak about wellness and resilience during a pre-game activity for the student body. Maybe even have them plug some of your initiatives?

Returning for the pandemic has shown us that students want to be a part of their school traditions and culture more than ever. This is the perfect time to pair that drive to belong to a larger community with values and messaging that ensure that your students take care of themselves and create strong foundations for future stress.

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