Mental Health Silos and the Return to College

Students searching for mental health and wellness resources on their campuses have been met with information silos long before Covid-19 became part of the national discussion. Now, with students returning to campus in the fall, students are looking at mental health resources for support even more than before.

One of the primary obstacles confronting students in the search for mental health support is the inability to line up their needs with institutional resources. Despite many institutions investing heavily in mental health resources, students typically do not seek them until they have reached a state of crisis. This creates problems as available resources are scattered, which forces students to parse through offerings that may not connect their current situation with the appropriate resources.

What can be done?

  • Create a single, catch all resource to break down offerings to students in simple terms.
  • Provide an overview of the type of support each resource can provide to students.
  • Give student action plans that present east to follow steps so students can start to seek support.
  • Frame support in the light of what students might be experiencing to need that support.

Breaking down silos is an inexpensive fix and provides immediate ROI for your current mental health and wellness support. These are resources that are considered expectations by students and families, and aren’t given the attention they deserve until someone needs them. Lowering the barrier for students to get to these resources when in crisis will make all the difference for your students and facilitate an increased use in these resources.

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