Resilience Through Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are essential to the mission of the college and integral to the implementation of resilience programming. Remember to include them in your campus resilience efforts to ensure a robust launch of your project. There are several ways to do this.

First, create a guide for them that answers basic questions such as:

  • Why is the project necessary? Who leads the project on your campus?
  •  What is its goal?
  • How will the program keep track of student progress and completion?
  • How can faculty incorporate the Resilience Project into the classroom or department programming? 

template for such a guide is part of the materials of the Resiliency Project. Make it available by email to all faculty and staff so that they are informed about the project and can participate in promoting it. 

Another way to involve faculty in campus resilience efforts is to provide them with passive promotional tools. On FSU’s campus, some faculty members wear Resilience buttons. This reminds students of the project and communicates its importance to them. Be sure to make it easy for faculty to obtain swag or informational brochures, cards, or stickers.

Finally, keep them informed of any campus events associated with the project and make it clear to them that they themselves might find the tools of the project helpful. After all, everyone experiences stress and may benefit from tools that help people cope with it! 

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