Donor Support for Student Mental Health

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There are multiple ways to fund your campus Resiliency Project. The first is through philanthropic dollars. Many donors have a family member or acquaintance with a child who struggled to adjust to college. They understand that struggle is a universal experience. Being able to offer a devoted donor a way to help all of the college’s students with one project is rare indeed.

There are several ways that donor support can be coordinated to help with student health. Involving potential donors in the rollout of the program reinforces your commitment to supporting your student base with their gift. Offering options for donor input or even involving the donor in media or advertising for the campaign also gives them a sense of ownership in the project. Larger alumni-based campaigns can also help get smaller dollar donations for student health initiatives. These can be built around asking for alumni input on specific elements of your initiative or asking for submissions of what your former students experienced when they were students.

If your initiative follows a restorative narrative approach, the last technique can be especially effective as it will provide clear examples of students from your institution that overcame issues your current students are dealing with. Any action plans you are looking to develop can also leverage alumni experience. Running alumni focused rollouts also cements your student health program as a staple that current students can expect to support through small dollar donations or their own submissions upon graduation.

The Resiliency Project, LLC aims to support your funding goals however we can. Reach out to our team with the email below to ask about our draft donor letters or grant writing support. These tools can be invaluable in supporting your campus initiatives through philanthropic or government dollars.

Our knowledge base also provides access to sample models for alumni and donor-driven student mental health campaigns. Schedule a demo to see how your customizable toolkit can leverage these models!

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