Student Ambassadors and Student Resilience

Working on the FSU Student Resilience project has been one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I’ve had at FSU. I learned more about myself, other students, FSU, made connections and gained valuable skills. It is truly amazing to be part of such an excellent team that cares about our students’ well-being. One of the things that impressed me the most with the project was the focus on not only academics but also social life, emotional, mental, physical health. There is a focus on the student’s overall well-being and growth, which holds true to FSU’s mission to support students in academic and creative endeavors, build lifelong skills, and foster a community of knowledge and diversity.

As a member of the design and research team, I was able to see the project grow from the brainstorming process to where it is now. Throughout the entire process, students remained a pivotal part of the research and design. We collected research about personal experiences, issues they dealt with, needs, and their knowledge of campus resources. The project’s goal was to be believable and relatable, and it did just that by using students at the forefront of the project. On something as simple as the background image, we spent days on it, trying to get a design that would relate well to students and convey a calm and reassuring feeling. 

As a Student Ambassador, I was floored by the student’s acceptance of the project. Before disseminating to the students, I was one of the beta testers for the site. The first time I saw the SRP was honestly overwhelming. I was overcome by so much emotion that I cried! It was a realization of all the work we did and knowing it would touch so many people. 

We worked hard to make sure there was diversity in the project, and my interactions with students during dissemination proved that. I received feedback from people across different identities expressing how much they loved the project because they could identify themselves and relate to the content. Members of the PRIDE student union, an LGBTQ+ student group on campus, told me they felt valued and seen. First-generation students in CARE felt encouraged, and like they were not alone. Students all around campus expressed how valuable the project has been. I even used the SRP as a resource for my students this past summer as CARE Ambassador. It was gratifying to see my students that struggled with belonging at FSU use SRP and become student ambassadors this semester. This goes to show the long-term impact and value of the project. 

I have also spoken to faculty and staff members that are big supporters of the resilience project. They feel empowered when their students ask for help because they have an easily accessible resource to refer students to. One of the highlights of telling people about the project is the resource list. The SRP created a space where all the resources students need to go through a challenging situation are in one space. 

Thank you for your support of the project!

Rose Antoine, FSU Student

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