Build Resilient Students

The Resiliency Project assists schools with providing students with tested and validated content to support student mental health. Our toolkit is white-labeled, fully customizable to your institution’s preferred appearance and values. The Resilience Project toolkit also redirects students to your existing mental health and support resources to ensure that students are more effective at getting the help they need.


Custom Resiliency Platform

Our toolkit is designed to be installed in your local environment, with your school appearance, logos, and supplementary content. Single-sign-on and user tracking let you evaluate usage and more informed choices about mental health campaigns on your campus.

Tested and Validated Content

The Resiliency Project is the brainchild of the Institute of Family Violence Studies at Florida State University where it has been thoroughly validated. Check out our Media links to read more about the research one on the Resiliency Project to date.

Campus Resource Spotlight

Your institution works hard to protect and help your student. Our toolkit directs students to the most appropriate resources on your campus, making them more efficient at locating help when they need it most. Cut through the silos and the fog and reach the students who need you the most.

Check Out Our Difference

“While the Student Resilience Project never envisioned a global pandemic, a lot of the tools featured can be used for any crisis,”

― Dr. Karen Oehme, FSU

The project was well received by the campus community, and institutions across the United States and even abroad have shown interest in replicating the program for their own campuses.

― American Council on Education

Our Platform


Since the creation of the Resiliency Project our toolkit has been deployed to over 75,000 students.


Our toolkit is fully customizable to meet the needs of your students, with the look and feel of an in-house solution.


Trauma and Resilience publications based on The Resilience Project’s content/toolkit.

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Want to see how the Resiliency Project can help your students?

Follow the link below to schedule a demo with our team for a personalized walkthrough of the Resiliency Project toolkit. We can also answer any questions regarding deployment, customization, or analytics. We look forward to speaking with you!

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